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Welcome to Road678

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Who We Are

ROAD678 is an At-Risk Youth Program that works with middle school students in South Carolina's School District 4 and District 5 in Spartanburg County. Our program is faith-based and we teach Biblical lessons & life skills. ROAD678 uses mentor relationships with students to help them to learn coping skills for the struggles that come from being a teenager in today's society. 


Mission Statement

To equip students with tools needed to be productive, caring and responsible young adults.

vision Statement

A program that teaches life skills and uses mentor relationships to instill qualities in our students that help them become productive, caring, and responsible young adults. 

Life-skill Topics taught at ROAD678:

  • Relationships

  • Physical Health

  • Emotional Health

  • Survival Skills

  • Time Management

  • Social Skills

  • Employment and Finances

  • Home and Auto

  • Citizenship & Community

  • Spiritual Direction

  • Group Counseling

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